Francesco Corea


Francesco is an economist and data scientist specialized in complexity science, artificial intelligence and biopharma industries. Previously, he was the Head of Research and Deal Flow of Cognitive Finance, a consulting boutique for AI in financial services. He also served as strategic advisor and research scientist in different organization and for different projects (insurance; fraud detection; macroeconomics analysis; sentiment analysis; etc.).

He was the recipient of the Anthemis Fellowship and the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) fellowship, as well as a full PhD fellowship. He has been also granted with 10+ minor scholarships to let him attending specializing courses in complexity science, behavioral economics, market design, financial networks, data science and stochastic analysis.

He is author of 10+ academic papers and two books on big data and artificial intelligence, and served as referee for some academic journals. He holds a PhD and two Masters’ Degree, he is a (non-active) member of Mensa IQ society and a CFA Candidate Level I.